The Answers

Q1.What is the percentage of food loss from home in the total of food loss?
B: About 50%.

Q2.Which food do you have to eat by use-by date?
B: Bread.

Q3. What should you do to reduce food loss?
C: Check what to buy before going shopping.

Q4.Choose the real situation about food loss around the world.
B: The developed countries tend to have a large amount of food loss.

Q5.What should you do to check by yourself whether you can eat safely or not? Please choose correct answer.
C: Smelling.

Please choose correct or incorrect (Q6&Q7).

Q6. You had better not keep some vegetables and fruits in the refrigerator.

Q7.According to the survey by Consumer Affairs Agency, more than 50% of people in Japan don’t know about food loss.

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