Review Test

Please choose the correct answer.

Q1.What is the percentage of food loss from home in the total of food loss?
A: About 10%.
B: About 50%.
C: About 90%.

Q2.Which food do you have to eat by use-by date?
A: An egg.
B: Bread.
C: Snack food.

Q3. What should you do to reduce food loss?
A: Keep all the food in the refrigerator.
B: Buy fresher food as you can.
C: Check what to buy before going shopping.

Q4.Choose the real situation about food loss around the world.
A: The developing countries have a small amount of food loss because of lack of food.
B: The developed countries tend to have a large amount of food loss.
C: The amount of food loss in the world is about twice as much as that of food produced for human consumption in the world every year.

Q5.What should you do to check by yourself whether you can eat safely or not? Please choose correct answer.
A: Listening.
B: Licking.
C: Smelling.

Please choose correct or incorrect (Q6&Q7).

Q6. You had better not keep some vegetables and fruits in the refrigerator.

Q7.According to the survey by Consumer Affairs Agency, more than 50% of people in Japan don’t know about food loss.

Check the answers!

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