What Is Food Loss?

Do you know about food loss?

A large amount of uneaten or unsold food is thrown away around the world. This is called “food loss”.


In the home economics or geography class, we learned food loss and became interested in problems caused by food loss. We discussed it and reached the conclusion that it is most important for everyone to know food loss and takes action to reduce it.

We hope people visiting our website will learn something, think about food loss in your daily life, and begin to take some action.

About Food Loss

In the world, one out of nine people can’t get enough food to live (World Food Program Official Website). However, we throw away a lot of food that we are still able to eat. It is said that food loss in Japan is 136g per person in a day (A report of The Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, 2016).

In addition, CO2 discharged from kitchen garbage causes environmental problems such as global warming, pollution of soil, and so on. Therefore, we have to reduce food loss and help people who cannot get enough food.

The Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries roughly classifies food loss into two categories. They are food loss from home and food loss from industry. Surprisingly, in Japan, the amount of food loss from home is equal to that of food loss from industry! In other words, if you reduce food loss in your home, food loss will be reduced by half.

Now, please go to the next section of this site, “The Reality” and learn the current situation of food loss more in detail. We hope it will encourage you to begin something new to change your eating habits.

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